Will Smith's new name

Will Smith's superhero drama bounced around for years under the singularly awful title TONIGHT, HE COMES, which seemed like the only consistent thing among numerous re-writers and various directors briefly settling into and then evacuating the chair.

And now that seems to be equally erratic -- the new name of Smith's flick is apparently, and apropos of seemingly nothing, now JOHN HANCOCK. Whuh??

The movie (which long gained a Hollywood rep for being one of the best unproduced screenplays around) features Smith as a soul-searching destitute superhero who gets assistance from a publicist (Jason Bateman) but falls in love with the guy's wife (Charlize Theron, pictured, duh).

Peter Berg, former SHOCKER fighter turned THE RUNDOWN director, finally climbed behind the camera for the fluctuating flick that hopefully just has a working title at the moment. It's currently set for release July 2nd 2008, bringing Willie back to his rightful place: Independence Day Weekend.
Extra Tidbit: Jonathan Mostow (T3: RISE OF THE MACHINES) and Gabriele Muccino (THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS) were previously attached to direct.
Source: Filmforce



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