Will Sylvester Stallone play notorious mob boss John Gotti?

Let me just start by letting you know that I don't consider this the reliable of sources.

TMZ is reporting that their sources say Sylvester Stallone is in talks to play the once powerful mob boss, John Gotti.

Well, actually they say Stallone is in talks with Gotti's son, "Junior" John. The story would come from Junior's recollections on his rocky relationship with his Father.

John Gotti took over as boss of the Gambino crime family after Paul Castellano was murdered. He was cocky, loud, and had a rather flamboyant style. All of these things managed to draw attention to Gotti, eventually becoming part of his downfall. Back in 1992, Gotti was convicted of numerous charges including 13 murders, conspiracy to commit murder, racketeering, and tax evasion. All of the charges lead to the verdict of life in prison without parole. After spending 10 years in prison, Gotti died of throat cancer.

The source says that the project is far enough in development that they are about to start finding a screenwriter.

Sly is a good choice, I mean, he was Oscar.

Extra Tidbit: You might recall a movie made by HBO in 1996 titled GOTTI starring Armand Assante as the notorious mob boss.
Source: TMZ



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