Will The Dark Knight Rises be shot entirely in IMAX?

Lots of talk and speculation of late regarding the females of the much-anticipated THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, especially in light of yesterday's report of the six lovely ladies that are said to be in contention for parts. But will we be experiencing these women in grand, ultra-crisp 70mm for the entire running time of RISES? According to a trusted source over at Collider, that may very well be the case.

Just a few weeks ago in an interview with the LA Times, director Christopher Nolan vaguely mentioned something of interest to those keen on the tech aspects of the upcoming comic book sequel:

"We’re looking to do something technologically that’s never been done before."

We've known already for awhile that the filmmaker doesn't care for 3D and that RISES was never going to be three-dimensionalized in any way. But he and his director of photography Wally Pfister are, as we've known, huge fans of IMAX, and Collider's source claims that that may in fact be what's up Nolan's sleeve:

"I'm hearing that Nolan will try and shoot The Dark Knight Rises totally in IMAX. I've heard that IMAX has been quietly developing a smaller, less intrusive camera that will be able to handle dialogue scenes. If the camera is finished in time, expect Nolan to use it."

Chalk it all up to rumor for now, but it's not a stretch to believe that IMAX would do whatever they can to capitalize on the opportunity to make more business for themselves in light of the success of THE DARK KNIGHT and the potential for even more success with RISES (as well as with other films beyond just those of Christopher Nolan's). And hey, if this becomes a viable shooting alternative for filmmakers instead of 3D, I'm all for it.
Extra Tidbit: Until 3D can actually be used to add something substantive to a film's 'visual storytelling' (and until they can ditch the damn glasses), it's never going to be something other than a gimmick.
Source: Collider



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