Will the Oscars get bumped up to January?

The movies award season has become so long and onerous that by the time the Oscars actually arrive, many people are fatigued by the whole process. Looking to help restore its position as the award show, the Board of Governors of the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences discussed at a meeting the possibility of moving the Oscar broadcast from late February/early March to January.

The move would leapfrog the Oscars ahead of the Golden Globes, the SAG Awards, the Independent Spirit Awards and the BAFTAs allowing the Oscars to capitalize on awards season buzz. The decision would likely meet resistance from those organizations but could also gain support from studio executives, PR firms and publicists who are eager to cut down on the grueling campaign season.

If the AMPAS decided to move the Oscars to January it would result in sweeping changes in the way studios release their Oscar-caliber films. A December 25th release date would likely not be enough time for Academy voters to see the film and submit their votes. That would mean DVD screeners would need to be produced and disseminated earlier, which could pose a piracy risk.

While it's an interesting idea with a valid point, there seem to be almost too many obstacles in its way. While the Golden Globes are just fluff anyway, they're fluff backed by a huge corporation (they're owned and run by NBC) who would loathe to see their big moneymaker suddenly become irrelevant. The Oscars would also have to avoid a showdown with the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl (which will air this year on February 6th).

What do you think? Should they cut down the Oscar campaigning by over a month or just keep things the way they are?

Extra Tidbit: The very first Academy Awards were actually held in May.
Source: Deadline



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