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Will Vin Diesel be involved with Marvel's Inhumans movie?


Based on Kevin Feige's comments earlier this year, none of the characters appearing in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON will be revealed to be part of the Inhumans, however there's a good chance Marvel has big future plans for the superhuman race.

But will those plans involve Vin Diesel?

We know Diesel was approached by Marvel for another role besides Groot in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, and many believe he might end up starring in a movie featuring the Inhumans.The actor recently posted a thank you message to Marvel on his Facebook, and his use of a certain word has made some people think it's a tease for the Inhumans.

Perhaps Vin Diesel is up for a role in THE INHUMANS, but I also think he might be f*cking with us a bit as well. Remember when everyone thought he was going to play Vision because he changed his Facebook profile picture to an image of the android? Not saying he definitely won't play an Inhuman like Black Bolt in an upcoming Marvel film, but this is far from an official confirmation or announcement.

Do you believe his post is a tease for Marvel's Inhumans, or do you think Vin Diesel is just messing with fans?

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