MOVIE POLL: Will you be seeing "Beowulf" this coming weekend?

Will you be seeing "Beowulf" this coming weekend?

F*ckin' aye, dude! That shit looks awesome. I'm there with bells on!
Most likely. Even though the 3D isn't blowing me away, it does look cool enough to check out on week 1.
Not sure yet. Will depend on the word of mouth and whether or not I feel like it.
I doubt it. The trailers for this film haven't done much for me, and it just doesn't look all that appealing.
I highly doubt it! It all just looks too much like a videogame. Sorry Zemeckis...I'm still not sold on this "motion capture" shite.
No f*ckin' way! That movie looks awful!!
I'll probably check it out on DVD

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