Willa's Friday 13th?

I have no idea how long it has been since Willa Ford was culturally relevant, but when you look like she does, well then honey, you'll always be relevant to me. Intrepid investigator Matt gave me the head's up that Ford has apparently been cast in the upcoming FRIDAY THE 13TH movie to be directed by Marcus Nispel (PATHFINDER). The film also stars Jared Padalecki (the one with the long hair from "Supernatural") and Amanda Righetti (the hottest one on "The OC"), with Derek Mears (THE HILLS HAVE EYES II) as Jason Voorhees.

The movie will see a group of councilors looking to reopen a special needs camp. Their good intentions however, will be thrown into chaos when they are killed off one by one. Unfortunately, at least one of the Righetti/Ford tandem will surely see a really gruesome death, but I sincerely doubt Jason will be able to inflict pain upon anyone tantamount to what I feel now having researched this article and learned that Willa Ford lost her virginity to Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys. I think we can all agree I'm the real victim here.
Extra Tidbit: Some people's jobs take them to exotic countries, hell, JoBlo.com even sends Jenny to freaking Hawaii... Me? I get to go to Willa Ford's #1 fan-site. It is a charmed life I lead.
Source: Willamania



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