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William Fichtner replaces Dwight Yoakam as the villain in The Lone Ranger


William Fichtner against a red wallRemember how we told you just a few days ago that Dwight Yoakam had left THE LONE RANGER? Well after negotiating the budget down from $250 million to the much more reasonable $215 million, Jerry Bruckhheimer and friends weren't going to let a little thing like that get them down or screw things up.

So a replacement in the form of William Fichtner (THE DARK KNIGHT) as been found, and it's a damn good one. Not that Dwight Yoakam is bad, but, well, William Fichtner is just plain awesome.  There's a nice underlying level of sleaze and creepiness that his characters can carry - a trait that, if present, smoothly underlines everything they do in a very effective way indeed.

THE LONE RANGER is set to shoot sooner rather than sooner, so look for more news in the coming months as production starts rolling.

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