Williams marries Leo

The cast for Martin Scorsese’s Dennis Lehane adaptation SHUTTER ISLAND just keeps piling on. Mark Ruffalo and Ben Kingsley were recently announced, and now Michelle Williams is tapped to play the wife of Leo DiCaprio’s U.S. Marshall Teddy Daniels. This is shaping up to be one of the most exciting pictures of next year, as if Marty and Leo doing a Lehane novel wasn’t already enough. Remember, both MYSTIC RIVER and GONE BABY GONE are based on Lehane novels. This one is about Daniels’ trip to a remote New England island to find out a how a patient escaped from an institute for the criminally insane. Once there, a storm hits…

With this casting, it’s safe to say Williams has established herself as the most successful of the Dawson Creekers. Take this casting, her pivotal role in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, her current part in the Dylan biopic I’M NOT THERE, her role in the upcoming thriller THE LIST with Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregor, and then of course, her role in Charlie Kaufman’s directorial debut SYNECDOCHE, N.Y. That’s one solid filmography. It’s strange too, because I always thought James Van Der Beek had superstar potential. And remember Katie Holmes, the cute brunette? Whatever happened to her?

Extra Tidbit: The godfather to Williams' child with Heath Ledger is Jake Gyllenhaal.
Source: Variety



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