Willis and daughter?

Bruce Willis' daughter Rumer has joined him in film's past (HOSTAGE) but for this time, Rumer will have the starring role while dad Bruce backs her up. Rumer will star, along with Mischa Barton, in THE SOPHOMORE, a high-school retelling of CHINATOWN. Barton and Rumer will play two students who begin investigating the theft of SATs only to uncover a more sinister plot. Bruce Willis will take a supporting role as the school's principal. Brett Simon, who has directed music videos for The Killers among others, will make his directorial debut on the project. Filming on the project - originally titled ASSASSINATION OF A HIGH SCHOOL PRESIDENT, which was a decidedly more spoilery than the current version - is expected to begin filming this August. Barton is currently filming FINDING TATU about the Russian teen band with lesbian incestual undertones. Big Daddy Willis can be seen in LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD later this month.

Extra Tidbit: Rumer made her acting debut alongside her mother, Demi Moore, in NOW AND THEN.
Source: Variety



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