Willis Assassinates

Bruce Willis Never let it be said that Bruce Willis isn't willing to lend his star power to help make the dreams of a couple of schmoes struggling to make it in the biz come true. He's recently signed on to a supporting role in first time scribes Tim Calpin and Kevin Jakubowski's genre-flipping thriller dramedy ASSASSINATION OF A HIGH SCHOOL PRESIDENT. Like writer/director Rian Johnson's high school set film noir BRICK, ASSASSINATION superimposes a cinematic murder mystery/thriller paradigm (with a bit of John Hughes coolness sprinkled in for good measure) on a high school setting. Willis' role is that of a psychotically millitant Desert Storm veteran principal whose idea of a pep talk is: "Gentlemen, you are filth. Your parents have either spoiled or abused you to such a degree that your hearts have become black and lifeless. Your brains are warped, your souls doomed. There is no hope for any of you." Get details of the project and how it came to be over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: In case you forgot, Bruce Willis will be mopping the floor with terrorist ass in LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD June 27th.
Source: LA Times



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