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Willis, Whitaker and Akerman sign for Catch


Malin Akerman, Bruce Willis, Forest Whitaker and Kate Mara have signed on to star in the indie drama CATCH 44 for first-time director Aaron Harvey. The film follows three Las Vegas woman (Akerman, Mara and one as yet uncast actress) who are approached by a stranger named Mel (Willis) and offered the opportunity to make some cash through a robbery. When they're set up, they cross paths with a psycho hitman (Whitaker) and other colorful Vegas characters.

The project had previously been set up with Burt Reynolds and Maggie Grace starring in the Willis and Akerman roles. It's unclear how Harvey was able to so quickly upgrade his cast but there must be something about the script that attracted the actors.

The film is being produced by Emmett/Furla who previously worked with Willis on 16 BLOCKS. Filming is set to begin on the film next month in Shreveport.

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Source: Variety



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