Win a DVD or Blu-ray of Mel Gibson's Edge of Darkness!!!

Win Free Shit!!!

This week, the great JimmyO sits in on the The JoBlo Movie Podcast and discusses Iron Man 2, the Nightmare on Elm Street remake and how his beard has a mind of its own. He also helps us decide on what to give away for the Caption the Pic contest, and we narrow it down to Mel Gibson's EDGE OF DARKNESS. There's darkness, an edge, and Mel Gibson's approaching it cautiously.

So how do you enter for your chance to win this puppy? All you have to do is go to Jim Law's Movie Fan Central page for a good ol' Caption the Pic contest! The funniest one wins free shit!

Winners are announced on the following Monday ONLY on The JoBlo Movie Podcast.

Click the photo below to enter your caption and stay tuned every Monday for your chance to win free shit courtesy of The JoBlo Movie Podcast and JoBlo.com!

Caption this for free shit!

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