Win a Max costume!

Some people didn't love WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. Those people have hearts as black as coal. OK OK, I won't judge you on whether you liked it not. I will say that I did love the film and can't wait to see it again. And normally I wouldn't bring you a content that wasn't a JoBlo sponsored affair but I thought this was too cool to pass up. I've seen people talking about the wolf costumes from the film that are selling for hundred of dollars at boutique stores. Well screw all that cause you can win your own wolf costume from WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE plus a pair of Converse shoes like Max wears in the film. Even if you don't win that grand prize, you can still win the WTWTA video game, an Xbox 360 console and more. Just head here and answer some trivia questions (easy) and you're in there. I actually entered myself today because, since this isn't a JoBlo.com contest, I can actually win! (And you can actually enter multiple times daily to increase your chances of winning...)

Extra Tidbit: Max's vampire story from WTWTA that made me really sad.
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