Win the role of Nemesis in Nemesis!

If Nemesis actually goes from comic to movie, as we spoke of last month then what I'm about to tell you could be pretty awesome.

The story is about Nemesis, who is a total asshole, mastermind jerkoff that chooses a cop every year to pick on.

Mark Millar, creator of Nemesis, KICK-ASS, WANTED, and many other works has decided to put an auction up for the highest bidder to win the title role of Nemesis. Well, in a sense.

What you would actually win is your name as the secret identity of Nemesis. Earlier in the week, Millar auctioned off the name of the super cop hero for the story. The lucky guy who won had the perfect name: Blake Morrow. Would your name be perfect for a super villain? Is your name Hamilton G. Fantomas? Wait...that's already taken. If I had some spare chunk change lying around, I would most certainly bid on this. Sadly, Nemesis would then be called Niki Stephens, and that's just a terrible name for a villain.

I will warn you though that the bid is currently at $3,100. It's a nice thought though, right? All the proceeds do go to a charity for handicapped children. If you want to check it out, here's the listing over at eBay.

Extra Tidbit: That's also how Millar got the name for KICK-ASS aka Dave Lizewski.
Source: Empire



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