Winslet for Kidman

Since Nicole Kidman has opted to fill her schedule with downloading offspring, Kate Winslet has stepped up to the table.

The A-list Brit (five times Oscar nominated!) will now star in THE READER, director Stephen Daldry's adaptation of Bernhard Schlink's novel (an Oprah Book Club selection, ooohhhh!). The story "takes place in Germany during the years after World War II and revolves around the love affair between 15-year-old Michael and 36-year-old Hanna, a woman who cannot read. Hanna suddenly disappears, but years later she and Michael meet again when Hanna is prosecuted for war crimes and Michael is a law student observing her case."

THE READER has already been shooting (with Ralph Fiennes and many German actors) but had shifted Kidman's filming schedule because her Baz Luhrmann reunion AUSTRALIA was running long.

The ironic part is that Winslet previously turned down the part because it conflicted with REVOLUTIONARY ROAD (with TITANIC floater Leo DiCaprio and director/hubby Sam Mendes). Now she gets a second shot. Kidman's procreation is Kate's celebration!
Extra Tidbit: Kidman won an Oscar for her work in Daldry's THE HOURS.
Source: Variety



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