Wiseman in Atlantis

Director Len Wiseman (UNDERWORLD, LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD) seems to be taking steps to ensure he'll be busy for a while -- he's spent the past year or so getting involved with high-profile, high-concept, high-budget projects.

Plop another on the stack -- Wiseman is attached to direct Dreamworks' ATLANTIS RISING, an action-loaded sci-fi political techno-thriller based on a Platinum comic series. The story involves the denizens of the legendary submerged city reappearing after centuries to scuffle with the surface species (yep, us) who disturbed them. The project is also being produced and developed by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (STAR TREK, TRANSFORMERS).

While not preoccupied with being handsome and married to Kate Beckinsale, Wiseman has also become involved with a sci-fi project called SHELL GAME, an action-thriller called MOTORCADE, and an adaptation of the hit videogame GEARS OF WAR. No telling what order we might actually see them.

Extra Tidbit: Wiseman was once developing a supernatural action movie called BLACK CHAPTER, which he described as "THE SIXTH SENSE meets LA FEMME NIKITA."
Source: Variety



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