Wiseman meets Plissken

The rumor went 'round a couple weeks back, but it's official: LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD director Len Wiseman will help 300 king Gerard Butler enter (and then flee) a futuristic Manhattan in the remake of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK.

Butler will slip on the eyepatch of infamous mercenary Snake Plissken in New Line's update of John Carpenter's 1981 flick. BLACK HAWK DOWN writer Ken Nolan is handling the script and Neal Moritz (XXX, STEALTH) is producing, so there should be significantly more action than when Kurt Russell originally blasted Crazies in the giant island prison while extracting the President.

Wiseman was also tumbling around the rumor mill to helm the adaptation of hit videogame GEARS OF WAR, but apparently opted for some time behind bars in the Big Apple. The remake will probably start rolling later this year or early 2008 to beat these potential strikes that everyone keeps mentioning but probably won't even happen. Wiseman also directed both UNDERWORLD movies and is married to Kate Beckinsale, which automatically makes him better than you.
Extra Tidbit: According to the original film's timeline, New York should have been walled off and populated entirely by criminals almost 20 years ago.
Source: Variety



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