Wiseman talks Gears

Director Len Wiseman managed to squeeze a trilogy out of his UNDERWORLD series (though he didn't direct RISE OF THE LYCANS), and now it sounds like he believes three is the magic number.

Bloody Disgusting recently drilled the filmmaker about his plans for his adaptation of multimillion-selling videogame GEARS OF WAR. Wiseman says he (and WANTED co-writer Chris Morgan) are at work on the script, and he says he's focusing on the sci-fi side more than the monstrous elements. And, unsurprisingly... he envisions it as a trilogy. Or as Wiseman says, "Basically a harder edged LORD OF THE RINGS."

Alas, Wiseman's 'Cool Quotient' then took a hit when he revealed his unfamiliarity with GEARS -- he basically picked it as random LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD scenery for basement nerd Kevin Smith because it looked snazzy, before wrapping his fingers around an Xbox 360 controller to do further "research".

The GEARS OF WAR franchise takes place on a distant world, where a terrifying race called the Locust have crawled from beneath the ground and taken over the planet. Players control ex-con/soldier Marcus Fenix and a ragtag group of troopers, using various heavy firearms and chainsaw bayonets to chop the invaders into gunk.

Extra Tidbit: Wiseman's 'Cool Quotient' immediately rose again simply due to having Kate Beckinsale as a spouse.
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