With Spidey dead, Sam Raimi moving on to Warcraft?

Today everyone's running around like headless chickens, trying to make sense of Sony’s carpet bombing of SPIDER-MAN 4, but no one’s really wondering what this means for the old crew, instead focusing on just what the hell the new movie will be. As it turns out, the death of 4 is probably going to be a pretty good thing, at least for a few million video game fans.

This isn’t by any means a scoop or surprise, but the folks over at AICN have been talking to insiders, and are confident that now that the Spidey franchise has gone belly up, Sam Raimi will be fully focusing on his next project, WORLD OF WARCRAFT, which SAVING PRIVATE RYAN scribe, Robert Rodat, is currently writing.

It’s hard to imagine just what to expect from a WOW movie, as the series is packing full of so much mythology it would make STAR WARS blush, and when thinking of a film adaptation, it’s hard to imagine anything else but LORD OF THE RINGS pumped full of adrenaline where battles like Gandalf vs. the Balrog happen every ten minutes. And with a good enough team behind it (Raimi and Rodat are a great start) this just might be the franchise to watch in the coming years. Your thoughts?

Extra Tidbit: I've purposefully avoided ever playing the game due to three months blacked out of my life due to Diablo II addiction.
Source: AICN



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