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Wolf of Wall Street's Margot Robbie to star alongside Alexander Skarsgard in Tarzan


You canít tell me that the talents of Margot Robbie didnít catch your eye in Martin Scorseseís WOLF OF WALL STREET? No, really, she was excellent. This Aussie-born gal had an impressively strong Brooklyn accent throughout the film. Itís no wonder that now sheís being picked up by whomever can get their hands on her.

For some reason listed as a minor note within talks of another role, Robbie is in negotiations to play Jane in David Yates TARZAN alongside Alexander Skarsgard in the title role. Thatís one hot blonde sandwich if you ask me.

Donít worry about them going crazy with the story, Yates will be adapting the Edgar Rice Burroughsí series about the classic loin cloth wearing vine swinger. Christoph Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson will co-star.

The actress is also set to replace Amanda Seyfried in Z FOR ZACHARIAH. The film adapted from Robert OíBrienís post-apocalyptic novel centers on the story of "a young woman who believes sheís the only survivor after a devastating nuclear event, though she comes to learn she is not alone when two strangers wander onto her farm from the forest." Chris Pine and Chiwetel Ejiofor were already on board.

Up next for Robbie is FOCUS with Will Smith.

Source: The Wrap



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