Wolverine update

Although the X-MEN already took their last stand (and kind of a sad one), will we still see more of Marvel's mutants next year anyway? Maybe! Sort of!

The current buzz is that Fox is keen to get WOLVERINE's solo flick in theaters for next summer, even though clawed Aussie Hugh Jackman will be filming Baz Luhrmann's epic romance AUSTRALIA until this October. Apparently the studio wants to fast-track the partial-prequel and get Jackman back in adamantium and ready to slice right after he's done with the song-and-dance.

But ready for next summer? That has a slight whiff of unlikelihood to it, considering the strong Marvel presence already in 2008's hot months (IRON MAN and INCREDIBLE HULK). Besides, most studios are reportedly building backlogs of material, in fears that the possible Hollywood talent strikes next year could find them with a shortage of people who actually make movies for a while. And no WOLVERINE director has been officially announced, though names that have been kicked around supposedly include Brett Ratner, Len Wiseman and DISTURBIA guy DJ Caruso .
Extra Tidbit: The prequel will include X2 villain Stryker and deal with Logan's past in the Weapon X program.



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