Wolvie game preview

Electronic Gaming Monthly, a magazine I can hardly believe is still around (I was reading it in the very early 90s to read about upcoming Genesis games), recently took a trip behind the scenes of the upcoming video game based on X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE. I have played a bunch of the games that feature Wolverine (including "Wolverine's Revenge") and they all pretty much suck. Could this be the one they finally get right?

The graphics, that's Wolvie to the right, look pretty damn impressive and while gameplay isn't finished, it sounds like it'll be pretty cool. Activision-based Raven used "God of War," "Devil May Cry" and "Ninja Gaiden" as influences and according to EGM the game features "eye-opening bloodshed" that should surprise people who are used to seeing rather generic movie-spinoff games. Wolverine can apparently chop of the limbs of enemies, blast off flesh with a shotgun and even decapitate victims with one of his many moves. Sweet. Somewhere that 12-year-old nerd reading EGM in 1990 is pitching a tent in anticipation. Click here to head over and read more about the game and see an impressive gallery of screenshots.

Source: JoBlo.com



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