Wolvie updates

After the calamity with a workprint leak online, WOLVERINE could use some good news.

And if early ticket sales are any indication (which they aren't always, if you ask WATCHMEN), the movie could be on its way to a successful opening and box office run. According to MovieTickets.com, advance sales for the adamantium-laced prequel account for a third of overall sales, with a number of sold-out performances.

But not so fast -- could the recent outbreak of swine flu be the movie's Legacy Virus? According to Variety, the flick's North American take could get sliced by the state of emergency south of the border -- "scores of screens" may be dark when the movie opens due to public places being shut down in an attempt to contain the disease.

If you do happen to don a haz-mat suit to check out the mutant mayhem on May 1st, you might be in for a bonus -- according to First Showing, director Gavin Hood claims that "multiple hidden endings" will be attached to different prints of the movie. So stay through the credits!

Extra Tidbit: A quick search on ebay brings up dozens of replica Wolverine leather jackets. But very few claws.
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