Wolvie's new Stryker?

See that fella? That's Australian actor Christian Clark, and according to X-MenFilms.net he apparently has a role in Gavin Hood's now-shooting X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, a prequel that takes place approximately 20-30 years before the X-MEN flicks.

There's no confirmation as to Clark's role, and this is entirely speculation on my part... but he certainly does bear a striking (ahem) resemblance to Brian Cox, who portrayed X2 villain Stryker -- the man behind Logan's shady paramilitary past and adamantium skeleton.

Fox has been fairly silent about the movie so far -- we know that Jackman is obviously returning, and that Liev Schreiber has a major role (likely as Victor Creed/Sabretooth). Several actresses were reportedly in the running as Wolvie's former lover Kayla Silverfox, but no official announcements have been made regarding the cast. So we'll just keep guessing. (FYI -- part of Wolverine's healing ability is decelerated aging, if you're wondering why Jackman can still play the character thirty years "younger".)

Clark may be a relative unknown for such a key part in a big studio feature, but bear in mind that nobody knew Jackman before he grabbed his role as the cranky claw-fisted mutant. (Also note that the studio likely needs to have a certain percentage of homegrown talent on screen in order to qualify for budget-relieving tax incentives gained from shooting in Australia.)
Extra Tidbit: Like just about every other Aussie actor, Clark has appeared on the long-running series NEIGHBOURS (which spellcheck hates) and in the recent angelic action flick GABRIEL.
Source: X-Men Films



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