Wonder Twins activate!

If you thought there weren't any cheesy 70s cartoon properties left to adapt into feature films, you were wrong.  Hoping to capitalize both on the success of superhero films like SPIDER-MAN and the anticipated success of SCOOBY-DOO, Warner Bros. is developing a live-action WONDER TWINS film.  The film will follow the adventures of Zan and Jayna, the superhero twins who gained notoriety on the Saturday monring cartoon series "SuperFriends."  The TWINS are probably best known for their catchphrase "Wonder Twin powers...activate!" as they joined fists and commenced the ass-kickings.  If a movie based on "The Hair Bear Bunch" is ever announced, I'm packing my bags and moving to an isolated island in the Caribbean sea.   There I will gain the admiration and respect of my fellow island-dwellers and rise up to lead them; only then to become corrupt with power, eventually falling victim to a brutal usurping of power by a militant anti-government group of natives.

Click to watch a clip from "SuperFriends" featuring the Wonder Twins

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