Wonder Woman cast?

Apparently even though Joss Whedon has departed the project - amidst huge disagreements over direction - Producer Joel Silver actually approved of Whedon's original choice to play the Amazonian leading lady and is trying to move the project forward with her.

I'm not sure I like the decision myself, but for some reason Wonder Woman generally doesn't do anything for me, not like say Catwoman, who rubs Batman's balls, or Harley Quinn who gets it on with psychopathic mass murderers. They seem a little more interesting or edgy, like a typical date might involve a quiet dinner, walk in the park, and then a huge fight with Batman and Clayface or grand theft auto.

I was trying to keep off revealing who the actress was until the end to build suspense but I just realised that you're gonna see the picture and know immediately, so never mind. Yes, it's Cobie Smulders, from HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.
Extra Tidbit: Talk about not being edgy... Cobie was voted 'Most Respected' in high school!
Source: Filmick



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