Wonder Woman is...?

Megan Gale? You'll notice the question marks I've placed after the title of the article and the actresses name. That's because with all the rumors, it's hard to keep anything straight and know what's on the up and up. But Ain't It Cool News is reporting that "100%" Gale is already cast as Wonder Woman in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA and have confirmed the news with "multiple independent sources." Gale was one of the many names initially attached to the part (along with Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Jessica Biel). While unknown to those here in the States, Gale is well known in both Italy and Australia (home to JLA director George Miller). Her only movie experience is a tiny part in STEALTH, which seems like a lot of pressure to put on a model. "Here's a role fanboys have debated casting over for years and are fiercely protective of...good luck!" For those concerned about the stats, as it were, Gale is 5'10" and 32 years old (doesn't that seem old for a role that was also considering Winstead, a 23-year-old?). To the right is just one of many, um, revealing pictures of Gale out on the web. Just Google away and enjoy the rest of your afternoon...

Extra Tidbit: One of Gale's listed hobbies is playing the the didgeridoo.



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