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Wonder Woman is finally coming... to TV?


Earlier in the year, Warner Bros. supposedly insisted they would have big announcements regarding plans for adapting DC Comics heroes to the screen. But for the most part, we're still waiting and they're still in the dust of Marvel's expanding movie universe.

Now after years in development, DC's Amazon warrior WONDER WOMAN is finally being brought to life... as a television show.

David E. Kelley ("The Practice", "Ally McBeal") is reportedly behind the latest TV version of the lasso-wielding heroine, more than 30 years after Lynda Carter famously jiggled through several seasons as the character.

No details so far on what track the company may take with their third most recognizable character (after Bats and the Man of Steel, natch), or if it will resemble the recent rubbish rebooted leather-clad incarnation of the comics.

The studio is apparently still also pursuing a feature film version of the character as well, but that's already been in Development Hell for ages, with Joss Whedon making the last attempt before the statuesque goddess was going to be part of the currently defunct JUSTICE LEAGUE project.

PS: And maybe JoBlo will finally get his wish and Denise Milani will be cast as the Amazonian wonder.



Extra Tidbit: Jessica Biel was, appropriately, approached to strap on the gilded bustier and bulletproof bracelets, but turned down the opportunity and now exists as the character only in my mind.
Source: Deadline



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