Wonder Woman script news

Should Joss Whedon be trembling in his long, red boots? Word out of Hollywood is that Warner Bros. and Joel Silver have purchased a new WONDER WOMAN script from newcomers Matthew Jennison and Brent Strickland. So what does this mean for the version of WONDER WOMAN that WB and Silver were developing with Whedon writing the script and directing? If Silver is to be believed, the acquisition of the script will have no impact on Whedon's planned WONDER WOMAN. For one, the spec script takes place in the 40s while Whedon's is modern day and Silver, apparently, has no interest in making a period piece. So why buy the script then? Well according to Variety, "the purchase is a pre-emptive measure aimed at taking the spec off the market to protect itself against the possibility that any similarities between the scripts could be fodder for future legal action." I'm not entirely sure of the rationale here but there must've been some inherent similarities between Whedon's script and the script they purchased, right? Otherwise anyone could write a WONDER WOMAN script and have it picked up by Silver. Also telling is the word that Silver and WB execs were "impressed" by Jennison and Strickland's script. Perhaps they just wanted to buy the script and keep them aboard for future projects? Interesting. And as they say in the news world, developing...

Extra Tidbit: Strickland had a bit part in the Method Man comedy SOUL PLANE.
Source: Variety



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