Wood commits Murders

Elijah Wood Elijah Wood has joined the cast of Spanish director Álex de la Iglesia's English language debut crime thriller OXFORD MURDERS. Written by Iglesia and his longtime writing partner Jorge Guerricaechevarría, Wood will star as a student studying at Oxford who learns of a series of murders that take place in his residence hall. Intrigued by the mystery surrounding these murders, he teams with a Sherlock Holmes-esque mentor-type professor who finds a link between the murders and math symbols. John Hurt, who'd been previously announced as joining the cast, will play the older, wise cracking, pipe-smoking mentor sleuth. Production is scheduled to begin January 22nd and will continue for nine weeks in London and Oxford. Wood can currently be heard as a tapdancing penguin in the surprise hit HAPPY FEET and can next be seen in the drama DAY ZERO.

Extra Tidbit: Iglesia's follow-up directorial effort is apparently another English language film titled THINK ABOUT DISNEY about a man who routinely escapes into a world of his own creation populated by cartoon characters.



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