Wood is Iggy Pop

Elijah Wood Around September/October of 2005, during the press rounds for the films he had coming out that year, Elijah Wood teased about an upcoming film in which he would star as an iconic musician and, seeing as how there was also a rumor floating around that he'd be starring as proto-punk rocker Iggy Pop in an upcoming biopic, most of us figured that particular cat had been let out of that barely covered bag. But because nothing is really and truly official until it graces the hallowed pages of Variety or The Hollywood Reporter, we can now say with full certainty that the former precious-carrying hobbit will be trading in his hairy, prosthetic feet for hair extensions, rigorous tongue-lashing, crowd-surfing and groupie-banging lessons to portray punk rocker Iggy Pop, or as he's known at temple, James Newell Osterberg, Jr. The film, titled THE PASSENGER, will mostly follow the early years of Pop's career, the majority of which was with the band "The Stooges". DROWNING MONA director Nick Gomez is helming from a script by Eric Schmidt. Production is expected to begin in the next six months for a release in midsummer 2008. And though Pop refuses to participate in the film in any capacity, he does approve of it, having said that "The script ain't chopped liver…It was a work of art." As long as it ain't chopped liver, it's all good.

Extra Tidbit: The film's title refers to a song on Pop's 1977 album "Lust for Life".
Source: Variety



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