Woody Allen's cast for next film includes Willis, Eisenberg, Stewart & more


Woody Allen's latest, IRRATIONAL MAN, is now in theaters but the man is wasting no time before production begins on his next film. While it is currently untitled and without a synopsis, Allen has culled together an impressive cast none-the-less for a movie that will begin shooting this month in New York and L.A. The film will star Jeannie Berlin, Jesse Eisenberg, Blake Lively, Parker Posey, Kristen Stewart, Corey Stoll, Ken Stott and Bruce Willis. Also co-starring will be Anna Camp, Stephen Kunken, Sari Lennick and Paul Schneider.

Woody Allen has steered clear of New York and L.A. as of late, opting to shoot in less cost prohibitive places around the US and Europe. In any case, it looks like he has a story that warrants a return to the Big Apple. Judging by our review of IRRATIONAL MAN (you can read it here), Allen is more miss than hit lately, but he never fails to amass some great actors. He's certainly due for a solid film and has the right people involved to make it happen. Get to it, Woody!

Woody Allen's latest, IRRATIONAL MAN, is now in theaters.



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