Woody for Kidman

Nicole Kidman As expected, yet another high profile actor has joined the cast of Woody Allen's next film. Nicole Kidman has joined the growing ensemble which now includes Antonio Banderas, Josh Brolin, Anthony Hopkins, Freida Pinto and Naomi Watts. And also as expected, we have absolutely no idea about the film's plot and we probably won't know much of anything until near the film's release. And even then things might still be a little iffy until we actually see the film. How does Allen manage to keep things so secretive in this day and age? Is it cause nobody really gives that much of a shit anymore? In any case, Allen's upcoming film, WHATEVER WORKS, in which Larry David stars as an upper class New Yorker who decides to shack up with an eccentric and spunky Evan Rachel Wood, is set for release June 19th. Kidman can next be seen in the Rob Marshall directed musical NINE.

Extra Tidbit: Kidman broke a rib rehearsing a dance sequence for MOULIN ROUGE!
Source: Variety



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