World War II for Woo

John Woo John Woo will be following his epic action adventure RED CLIFF with an even more epic action adventure, this one focusing on the 1st American Volunteer Group of the Chinese Air Force during World War II. Titled FLYING TIGER HEROES, Woo, who announced the film at press conference in China last week, called it "an extremely important production, adding "Currently, basic preparations for shooting work have already been made and in a month we'll confirm the script. This Yunnan-themed film emphasizes China-US friendship and the contributions of the Flying Tigers and the people of Yunnan during the War of Resistance." The film will be the most expensive China has ever made, with a budget of just about one hundred million duckets (though some of the money will come from Hollywood sources). Read more of what Woo had to say about the project over at "Empire Online" HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Woo's first job was working for Shaw Brothers studios as an assistant director to Cheh Chang.
Source: Empire Online



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