World War Z not dead yet

Paramount won a bidding war back in 2006 for the feature film rights to the Max Brooks novel WORLD WAR Z. Four years later the film is still stuck in development hell but the studio isn't ready to give up on the film yet. Paramount has renewed their option on the best-selling book, still hoping to get production underway.

Brooks told Fangoria back in July that Matthew Michael Carnahan (brother of A-TEAM director Joe Carnahan and writer of STATE OF PLAY and LIONS FOR LAMBS) would be rewriting the original script by J. Michael Straczynski. There were rumors that Paramount was looking for a new director to replace Marc Forster, who had been developing the film since 2008 but the studio claims he's still attached to direct.

Brad Pitt is producing the film through his Plan B production company and hopefully the renewal by Paramount means that they're close to cracking the script and getting production underway.

Extra Tidbit: Pitt was also loosely attached to star in the film.
Source: Variety



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