Worst posters ever

In case you haven't noticed, the fine people here at Joblo.com are keen on bringing you the latest in movie poster artwork. We all know the little thrill we get when an anticipated movie releases a truly awesome poster that does justice to our excitement (I'm talking BATMAN BEGINS shit here), or when we're totally blown away by a completely original and inspired design (the posters for V FOR VENDETTA come to mind). Then there's the flipside of that, when a marketing team will completely botch the job and an opportunity for a great poster is missed out on (THE DEPARTED, anyone?). The website filmcynic.com has taken that idea one step further and given us their list of the 10 worst movie posters of all time. Some of these are pretty bad, others I disagree with, but for all you one-sheet fanatics out there, it's a decent way to kill 5 minutes, instead of putting your kid to sleep (who cares?) or returning your folks' call (screw them, right?). Anyway, have a look and let us know what some of your most hated movie posters are. Because isn't hating fun? Check the list out HERE.
Extra Tidbit: On November 15th, 2005, someone paid $690,000 US for a poster for Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS, a record price for a movie poster.
Source: Film cynic



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