Worthington on Titans

I'm not exactly sure where this sweeping feeling of anti-Sam Worthington sentiment has come from as of late. It's something to do with the fact that our first impression of him was in TERMINATOR SALVATION and despite of that, he's been handed blockbuster franchises on a silver platter despite not yet “proving himself.”

I don’t buy into that school of thought. Worthington was the best thing about SALVATION, and I’m glad to see him headlining AVATAR and CLASH OF THE TITANS, as it’s nice to see a fresh face onscreen every now and again. Though AVATAR is the bulk of his press these days, he recently sat down with MTV on the set of TITANS to talk a little bit about how the film does (and does not) stay true to the original.

"What these guys and Louis [Leterrier] have set out to do is raise the richter [scale] to 11, in the sense of, the scorpions are the size of dump trucks, Medusa is a lot quicker and a lot more scarier, and the whole world itself is… big and epic in scope."

In the original film, there were also giant scorpions and a Medusa battle, but judging from the props they’re using in this iteration; it should blow the old film out of the water (which shouldn’t be that hard because frankly, the original wasn't that great). But there’s no reason you can’t remake a shitty project into a good one. I’ll be damned if I can think of any examples off the top of my head, but I’m sure it’s happened.

Extra Tidbit: And so I'll leave it to you to suggest which remakes were better than the originals...if any.
Source: MTV



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