Would you go Parking Lot Pimpin' with Ludacris?

The good people over at Movie Hole have scored an exclusive about the next career movie of rapper-turned-actor Ludacris Bridges (FAST FIVE), and it is this:

Ludacris suitLuda will star in and produce a project called PARKING LOT PIMPIN'.  Co-written and directed by Damon 'Coke' Daniels (GANGSTA RAP: THE GLOCKUMENTARY), the movie will go in front of cameras in April and deal with "Ludacris as a young man who, following a nasty break-up, teams up with his slick buddy for a night on the town. Dez promises to teach Walt (Ludacris) the art of 'parking lot pimping' but instead Walt learns that pretty much everyone in town sees through Dez and his cheap scams."

Parking lot pimping is not only a real thing, but a real thing that is exactly what it sounds like.  Basically, guys wait outside of clubs with cars that they've rented (the more expensive and crammed full of useless shit the better in this case) as a way of advertising they're up for sex, so to speak.  Kind of like how guys would walk around in prison with their pants hanging low, but with rented cars.  Women meanwhile are meant to dress extra slutty and inspect the cars the guys have rented to judge how far to go with a particular guy based on what they see.  If it sounds sketchy, that's because it really f***ing is.

Ludacris once said something like: "too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like."  So maybe... this is Ludacris' message movie?

Extra Tidbit: Ludacris' music video for "Get Back" really is ludicrous, no joke.
Source: Movie Hole



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