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Would you like some more pics from The Amazing Spider-Man?


Do you need more from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN? Do you want more Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy? Sure you do.

Some scans from Empire Magazine have been shared on the internet for everyone to enjoy. In the first one, it kind of looks like Spidey has Curt Connors slammed up against a brick wall. It doesn't state that though. When I saw that guy, I immediately thought it was Rhys Ifans.

You can also do a little light reading as well. My favorite part has to be director Marc Webb talking about how awkward Andrew Garfield was in his screentest, "In the screentest, he killed it. He moved like an awkward kid, his elbows were flying all over the place, but he also had that ability to go deep in that way that very few actors do. F*ck, he's good."

Check out the photos below.

Source: CBM



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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