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Would you watch a TV series based on Act of Valor?


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ACT OF VALOR did extremely well at the box office, comparatively speaking, and so it's little surprise that the folks behind it are trying to find something else to do with the property. And that "something else" now looks to be a collaboration in the form of a TV series between Relativity Media, RelativityREAL, and the Bandito Brothers. The three production companies "will work together to develop and shop an original and exclusive project based on the hit film, taking it to broadcast and cable networks shortly."

The feature film version of ACT OF VALOR was distinguished from other movies dealing with similar subject matter by its claim of using a team of active-duty Navy SEALS to tell the fictionalized story of a real mission to rescue a hostage CIA operative and the global threat they uncover in the process.

RelativityREAL's CEO shared this statement: I was blown away by the realism and authenticity of "Act of Valor." We’re thrilled to work with the Bandito Brothers to make something more visceral than any other show on television.

The Bandito Brothers, meanwhile, had their own statement to make about this next step for ACT OF VALOR: We're excited to be reuniting with Relativity again in order to develop this series and tell stories about real acts of valor in a unique and engaging way.

If you could pick one channel on which this should air, which would it be?

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Extra Tidbit: RelativityREAL also has TV shows in the works based on IMMORTALS and HAYWIRE.
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