Wouldn't it be nice if we got a Beach Boys musical?

Twentieth Century Fox has some mellow musical times in store for you.

It seems that the studio beat out many others in a bidding war for the rights to some of the Beach Boys most legendary songs to be used in a musical. The pitch for the film came from Susannah Grant who has written screenplays for ERIN BROCKOVICH, EVER AFTER, and THE SOLOIST.

The plot of the musical is being kept a secret, but apparently it will have a fictional storyline in the fashion of MAMMA MIA or ACROSS THE UNIVERSE.

The musical will be produced by Craig Zadan, Neil Meron and John Stamos. "Alright. If you were a chick, whose the one guy you would sleep with?" "John Stamos!" Yes, it's that John Stamos. As if there could ever be another as brilliant as he. Meron and Zadan have both worked on musicals for theater and film. They produced on HAIRSPRAY and executive produced on CHICAGO. Zadan, Meron, and Stamos have worked together before on the television movie, THE BEACH BOYS: AN AMERICAN FAMILY. The film will be a FOX 2000 property.

Does this have potential? Do we have an massive fans of The Beach Boys out there? Too bad it isn't a biopic. I'd really like to see Brian Wilson in his crazy bearded days, and throw in a dash of Charlie Manson.

Extra Tidbit: I'm sorry, but "Pet Sounds" is a great album.
Source: Variety



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