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Wrap your tentacles around this new Monsters trailer


It's easy to draw comparisons between MONSTERS and last years sleeper sci-fi hit, DISTRICT 9 as both are relatively low budget and A-list-less, but I guess we're going to have to wait and see if the new contender can be as memorable as its predecessor.

This is either the second or third trailer for MONSTERS, the tale of a quarantine zone full of crash landed aliens, and I have to say it does look pretty damn interesting, and has my interest piqued more than the initial D9 trailer did.

AICN proclaims it "the best giant monster movie in years," though that's not exactly high praise, as being the best giant monster movie since probably CLOVERFIELD doesn't leave you up against a whole lot of competition.

Check it out below, and see what you think:

Extra Tidbit: I keep thinking that's Charlize Theron for some reason. Maybe the movie title is planting subliminal thoughts back to MONSTER.
Source: Hulu



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