Wristcutters Protest

Hot on the heels of the outcry which led to the removal of billboards for the Elisha Cuthbert movie CAPTIVITY, several suicide preventions groups have voiced their disgust at the proposed ad campaign for the upcoming film WRISTCUTTERS: A LOVE STORY.

I have heard nothing but pretty good things about this movie, and I have to admit that the teaser is one of my current favourites. The film is adapted from a short story by Etgar Keret and directed by Goran Dukic and follows a young man, Zia (Patrick Fugit, ALMOST FAMOUS) who, after committing suicide ends up in purgatory with a load of other people who killed themselves. After a while being there, he finds out that the girl he loves killed herself a little while after he did and so he sets off to try and find her, meeting a bunch of eclectic people along the way.

The proposed ad campaign was to feature pictures of people killing themselves in "traffic-style stop or yield signs with a barring-style circle and line over the illustrations, along with hearts to reference the film's romantic story line". So I guess that makes it all good then. As we all know, little hearts can make mass-genocide look like a basket of kittens. After Dark Films' co-owner, Courtney Solomon did his level best to make things worse, by saying (in reference to the ads) that he hopes the signs "don't cause too many accidents."

Bigger picture here is that this is probably good news. Few things put asses in seats like controversy, and by the looks of the teaser, this film deserves a big audience.
Extra Tidbit: Check out the teaser at the film's Myspace page: HERE



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