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JoBlo.com has enough writers/contributors at this point, but we'll be growing the DVD CLINIC pretty soon, so get ready for notices on that, and today, we're looking for a writer(s) for our celebrity gossip site, MovieHotties.com. If you believe that you have what it takes the join the growing JoBlo.com network, please note the requirements below and apply away!

What is required of this post?

  • You must write a minimum of 4 articles a day for the site, 5 days a week, including plenty of hot pictures, small and big!

  • You must know the basics of HTML, which is required to work with the blog that runs the site, as well as a photo manipulation program such as Photoshop, since dicking around with pictures is also a vital part of the gig.

  • You must be serious about your application, the vacant position and be, at least, 21 years old.

  • You must know a lot about celebrities, movie hotties and general gossip sites, and love that shite!

  • You must have an edgy and unique writing style, and unafraid to throw some punches at those who deserve (and prop those who deserve it as well). Don't just be a jerk for the sake of it though.

  • You must be able to commit to this job for at least a period of 12 months.

Does the gig pay anything?

Yes, the gig does pay some change, although nothing particularly substantial. You will receive a quarterly paycheck that will be discussed when you are one of the finalists in this process.

How do I apply?

Send me a direct email at [email protected] titled HOTTIES GIG and include in it why you think you would be ideally suited for this post (you gotta really sell me with shit to back it up as as well!) Try to concentrate on the above requirements and feel free to send us various writing examples as well (but please do NOT send me unrelated term papers or shit like that...they must be RELEVANT to the job!).

Also, include your full name, age, resume (if you've got one), geographical location as well as your thoughts on the proliferation of celebrity gossip on and offline. The more evidence that you could show me that you are THE PERSON for this opening...the better! Furthermore, if you've already worked on any other website, please provide us with the required URLs so that we could check those out as well.

Email us at [email protected]



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