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Writers of this summer's big movies discuss the pressures and challenges


Writers tend to have some of the most interesting Hollywood stories... and not the ones that come out of Final Draft and get onto theater screens in some form.

THR sat down with a group of guys who worked on the scripts for this summer's biggest blockbusters (they hope), including Greg Berlanti (GREEN LANTERN), Ehren Kruger (TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON), Christopher Markus (CAPTAIN AMERICA), Ashley Edward Miller (THOR), Jonathan Aibel (KUNG FU PANDA 2) and Roberto Orci (COWBOYS & ALIENS).

Unsurprisingly, contributing to and collaborating on such high-profile projects and properties isn't a smooth process (to the point that it's amazing any of them still have hair they haven't pulled out yet). You can check out the roundtable interview below, which reveals some of the tactics and terror of being a screenwriter and making the "sausage".

(If you don't have a spare hour, the transcription can be found HERE.)


Extra Tidbit: Michael Bay is apparently "reasonable when hes not mad at you."
Source: THR



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