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We placed a notice on our site last week, looking for folks who might want to join our team as NEWS EDITORS. Well, the response has been tremendous so far, to the point that I won't be able to write every single person back and thank them for applying (close to 200 applicants so far), so I thought I'd post this up as a THANK YOU to everyone for applying and also to let everyone know that it's gonna take us about 1-2 weeks to go through all of the applicants, so please be patient because we might still be getting in touch with you yet!

If you don't hear from us in the next 3 weeks though, that means that you didn't make it into the next round, but obviously we appreciate your interest. I also want to say that this batch of applicants has been generally more impressive than usual with everyone from major networks to bloggers to competitor sites to ex-employees (??) applying for the gig (not to mention that almost every single person is either a Journalism major or a screenwriter-in-the-making...or both!).

Seriously folks, we appreciate your patronage, the kind words in all of your emails and we look forward to speaking closer with a handful of you pretty soon. 

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