Writing the Afterburn

The post-apocalyptic comic AFTERBURN is being adapted to feature film by producer/webslinger Tobey Maguire and noise machine Neal Moritz (of STEALTH, XXX and FAST AND FURIOUS infamy), and now the project has a writer.

Matt Johnson is working on the script, and this makes me happy for a couple of reasons: he wrote INTO THE BLUE and TORQUE. While BLUE is a guilty pleasure (if only for bikini Alba and the underwater flaying of Josh Brolin), I firmly believe TORQUE is an inspired work of peculiar brilliance (our own Jason Adams cheerfully agrees). At the very least, I hope some of that wondrous excess finds its way into AFTERBURN, although it's practically guaranteed with both the writer and producer of TORQUE involved.

The post-apocalyptic story is set some time after a massive solar flare has charred the planet, and treasure hunters take advantage of the situation to seek priceless artifacts like the Mona Lisa and Crown Jewels. The Red 5 Comics title was written by other members of the online community, Paul Ens and Scott Chitwood (TheForce.net and ComingSoon.net).

Extra Tidbit: For the record, I also derived great enjoyment from Moritz's relentlessly idiotic, transcendentally terrible XXX: STATE OF THE UNION. "I thought of you every night I spent in prison!"
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