WS off Spy Hunter

After finishing and releasing a crazy car movie in DEATH RACE does Paul WS Anderson have another one in him? If you mean a DEATH RACE sequel, then yes. If you mean SPY HUNTER, then no. Latino Review got a vague answer from Anderson himself when they asked if he would direct SPY HUNTER and after looking into it they found that Anderson is no longer involved with the project. The project has been in development for what seems like forever with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson attached to star. But that was back in his DOOM days and now he's off doing kids movies so who even knows if he's still involved. Anderson did a rewrite of the script but if he's left the project it's entirely possible that the project may just start from scratch. I guess the question is who would make a good SPY HUNTER movie? If you were a studio head, who would you hire to write and/or direct SPY HUNTER. And please don't say Quentin Tarantino.... (or Christopher Nolan for that matter).

Extra Tidbit: Danny McBride in SPY HUNTER? He stars in every other movie out there...
Source: Latino Review



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