WWE family drama?

World Wrestling Entertainment's buff movie arm WWE Films (now WWE Studios?) is going to make a PG-rated "family drama" starring current WWE champion John Cena. Wait, what?

BROTHER'S KEEPER, to be helmed by television director Mel Damski and written by John Posey, will star Cena, and will now be adding Danny Glover, Patricia Clarkson, Devon Graye, and Madeleine Martin to the battle... erm... familial royale.

According to THR, the film will be about "a teenage boy (Graye) who tries to reunite his mother (Clarkson) and estranged older brother (Cena) 10 years after the death of their father, a state college wrestling legend. A brilliant student with no apparent athletic talents, the teenager decides to join the high school wrestling team as a way to pull the family together."

From what little info I can gather off the internets (and correct me on this if I'm being misinformed), WWE wrestling has apparently been making a move towards becoming more family-friendly with its entertainment, and this turn appears to be extending to all wings of the sports entertainment giant, including its films. Will this mean no more retarded but entertaining gems like THE MARINE? Only time will tell.
Extra Tidbit: WWE: Animal-friendly, too! Take THAT World Wildlife Fund!



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